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Frequently Asked Questions:



What is the difference between a ton and a tonne(pronounced 'tone')?


A ton is 2000 lbs.  A tonne is metric and is 2200 lbs or 1000 kgs.  Our billing  and quoting is done in tonnes.



Approximate Material Weights:


Concrete - 3000 lbs/ cu yd


Soil/Fill - 2000 lbs/ cu yd


Aggregate - 2000-3000 lbs/ cu yd


What is clean fill?


-uncontaminated soil, may include clay

-top soil with sod

-may not contain wood chunks or lumber

-may not contain brush or branches

-may not contain bricks

-may not contain gravel

-may not contain garbage


What is not allowed in any of our bins?


Liquid paint - dried paint is allowed


Refrigerators, A/C units, Freezers, Dehumidifies


Computer Equipment


Hazardous materials or liquid waste


Automotive Batteries

Compressed Gas Cylinders like propane or fire extinquishers

Biohazardous Waste


For all of the above listed items please see our links page where we can direct you to who can take these materials.

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